Business Areas

During three decades, GELAB has built up experience in, and worked out strategies for, the following business areas: Security, Telecom / IT, Medical Technology, Energy Technique, Automotive and Industry.


The business Area Security is GELABs “oldest” business area and includes different types of products. Many of GELABs customers in this segment are market leaders in their field. The different types of products are classified in the following groups:
– Access Control
– Entrance Solutions
– Monitoring Systems
– Alarm Systems

Based on its long experience in the development of sophisticated test systems and high-accuracy manufacturing, GELAB can always offer a tailored solution for your specific business

Telecom / IT

For the last 20 years, GELAB has been a stabile high quality supplier to many of the largest Swedish players in the international telecommunication market. Within this segment GELAB manufactures Electro-mechanical products and products such as Antennas and RF-cabling. GELAB offers its customers a strategic partnership in the development and manufacturing of communication equipment with focus on:

– Antennas
– RF-cabling
– Electro-mechanics

Medical Technology

In the business area “Medical Technology” GELAB manufactures a variety of products such as high-tech cardiology equipment and other medical electronic devices divided in the following product groups:

– Diagnostic Systems
– Cardiologic Monitoring
– Electronic Medical Devices

With more than 10 years of experience in this field GELAB has built up a solid knowledge of the requirements and the challenges you face within the Medical Technology Business.

Since many years GELAB has been certified according to ISO 9001 and its manufacturing unit can produce according to the ISO-13485 standard.

Energy Technique

GELAB has extensive experience of manufacturing products within this business area. Examples of products are battery backup units (BBU), power supply units (PSU), high-power cabling but also green-tech products such as LED-lighting systems. The business area “Energy Technique” currently consists of the following product groups:

– Power Supplies
– Battery Backup Units
– Green-tech Products


Within the automotive business area Gelab produces a variety of products such as system-cabling and boxes with electronics. A large part of the production is dedicated to military applications and Gelab has a solid experience of manufacturing according to MIL standards.

A special group within this business area works with products for construction machinery. This group develops and manufactures different types of boxes with electronics, signal-cabling and cables for hydraulic systems.

If so required Gelab can manufacture according to ISO/TS16949.


The business area “Industrial”, covers a large number of different industries and products. The majority of the products are custom-designed for specific niche markets in which customers prioritize quality, flexibility and short lead times.